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Animal Care Assistant

Kevin joined the Qualicum Beach Animal Hospital team in the summer of 2022 as an Animal Care Assistant. He has worked in the veterinary industry since 2014 and before that had spent time volunteering at his father's veterinary practice in Nanaimo. Having two veterinarians for parents and growing up surrounded by all kinds of family pets, from cats and dogs to bald eagles and ring-tailed lemurs, he couldn't help but develop a deep love for animals himself.


Kevin's favourite part about his job is that it blends many of his interests together: caring for animals, helping people, technology, and lots of problem solving. He also loves that he gets to work alongside like-minded people who share the same empathy and passion for animals as he does.


In his spare time, Kevin likes to relax in nature, observe wildlife, practice photography and videography, and enjoys drawing, painting, and many other arts and crafts. He is also a computer and tech enthusiast and an avid gamer.


Kevin has three cherished pets: a flat-coated / labrador retriever mix named Kaylee, a shorthaired black cat named Sammy, and a gray sphynx named Ozzy (pictured).

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