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Dr. Thisuri Eagalle

Dr. Eagalle has been an animal lover and animal advocate since she was little. She grew up with animal loving parents who instilled their care and passion for animals into her from a very young age. Thisuri grew up in Toronto, ON and attended the University of Guelph for 3 years of Wildlife Biology and Conservation program before being accepted to the Ontario Veterinary College class of 2019.


Thisuri is excited to be a part of the QBAH team. She has a strong interest in dentistry and preventative medicine. She cannot wait to form meaningful bonds with both animals and their owners with great appreciation for the human-animal bond. Outside of the clinic, Thisuri enjoys anything outdoorsy and is always going on camping trips and hikes with her dog Ozzy and her husband Tim. 


Thisuri is currently on maternity leave with her first baby and will be joining us again early 2025. 

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