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Payment Options


At Qualicum Beach Animal Hospital, we kindly accept

cash, debit, VISA & Mastercard.


Payment is due at the time services are rendered. 


We understand that some veterinary visits are

unexpected and that this can be associated with

unexpected cost.


For this reason, we offer financing of veterinary

costs through PetCard and Scratchpay.


Please click on the logo for more information or

to sign up for either of these - each company offers

a quick and easy process.



One of the best ways to prevent the shocks of unexpected veterinary costs associated with owning a pet is through having pet insurance. Pet insurance

is becoming more and more popular for many reasons, and there are many different options available to suit your budget and your pet's needs.


Having pet insurance coverage can mitigate a lot of stress during times of need, and will allow for your pet to have the best possible level of care when something unexpected happens.

Below are links to some of the pet insurance companies that we commonly work with. Please do not hesitate to contact them for more information.

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