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Sick Pet Exams

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Sick Pet Exams

Not all trips to the vet are for routine exams and treatment – when your animal is ill or injured, we are here to help. We have a team of dedicated healthcare professionals that will help to diagnose, treat and care for your animal as if they were one of our own. Once your pet is at the hospital, they will receive a full physical exam – from head to toe. If blood-work, X-rays or an ultrasound are needed, they can be done in a timely manner in-house. If other tests are needed, we can arrange for samples to be sent out to a professional off-site laboratory. We have IV fluids, monitoring equipment, and a full hospital pharmacy at our finger-tips. If your animal needs to stay at the hospital for the day, he or she will have a warm cozy bed, and a smorgasbord of specialized diets as needed.

After-hours emergencies are referred to Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Nanaimo. If your animal is in need of emergency care, please call (250) 933-0913.

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