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Diagnostic X-rays & Ultrasound

Dog and Cat Radiology and Ultrasound

Diagnostic X-rays

Qualicum Beach Animal Hospital is equipped with a state-of-the art digital X-ray machine and a digital dental X-ray machine. In addition to taking fine quality images, our machine uses less radiation than that of the older X-ray machines, and do not require the use of hazardous chemicals. We are able to take images quickly and efficiently, and see them on the computer screen within seconds.

When a radiologist is needed to review images, we are able to allow them access to the images in our system right away. We are also able to perform hip and elbow X-rays for OFA certification.

For some X-ray procedures, we may need to give your pet sedation or pain control to allow us to get high quality, useful images. Pets are never left alone, and are always under supervision of a technician and a veterinarian. Dental X-rays can only be done with the patient under general anesthetic – this is done in order to take high quality images without movement, and to protect the very delicate X-ray plate which needs to be placed inside the pet’s mouth.


Ultrasound is a tool that allows us to look at detailed images of soft tissues, such as abdominal organs or in the diagnosis of pregnancy. It is a non-invasive diagnostic test that we are able to perform in-house. In addition to providing routine ultrasound procedures in house on a daily basis, we have access to a skilled ultrasonographer who travels to our clinic to perform ultrasounds on animals with complicated medical conditions, and a board certified veterinary radiologist to assess at the loops of ultrasound images.